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Wireless pressure sensor

Wireless pressure sensor

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JZ-500 black
JZ-500 black
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Special-PVC control cable adapted
to DIN VDE 0285-525-2-51/
DIN EN 50525-2-51

Temperature range 
flexing -15°C to +80°C
fixed installation -40°C to +80°C

Nominal voltage U0/U 300/500 V

Test voltage 4000 V

Breakdown voltage min. 8000 V

Insulation resistance
min. 20 MOhm x km

Minimum bending radius 
flexing 7,5x cable Ø
fixed installation 4x cable Ø

Radiation resistance
up to 80x106 cJ/kg (up to 80 Mrad)

Cable Structure

Bare copper conductor, to
DIN VDE 0295 cl.5, fine wire,
BS 6360 cl.5, IEC 60228 cl.5

Core insulation of special PVC
compound type Z 7225

Core identification to DIN VDE 0293
black cores with continuous white

GN-YE conductor, 3 cores and above
in the outer layer

Cores stranded in layers with
optimal lay length

Outer sheath of special PVC
compound type TM2 to
DIN VDE 0207-363-4-1/DIN EN 50363-4-1

Sheath colour: black (RAL 9005)

With meter marking

Technical Data

G = with GN-YE conductor
x = without GN-YE conductor (OZ)

AWG sizes are approximate equivalent
values. The actual cross section is in mm².

Screened analogue type:
JZ-500-C black