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Installation Cables

Installation Cables

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YR-Bell Sheathed Cables
YR-Bell Sheathed Cables
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YR-Bell Sheathed Cables




acc. to VDE 0812



Cable structureYV-Equipment Wires

Tinned copper conductor,
solid 0,3 to 1,8 mm Ø

Core insulation of PVC
compound type YI3 to
DIN VDE 0207-4

Mono or twin colour wires, twin colour
wires have a base colour with the second
colour superimposed in ring form

Core identification to DIN 47002

YR-Bell Sheathed Cables

Bare copper conductor, solid 0,8 mm

Cores stranded in layer

Core identification
see "Technical Informations"

Outer sheath of PVC

Sheath colour: white

Cable Structure


YV-Equipment Wires


PVC self-extinguishing and flame retardant
acc. to IEC 60332-2

Installation notes

The equipment wires are to be so uncoiled
from drums or coils so that no kinks or
twisting torsional stress can be occured
Those are allowed to install as
self-supporting shaped wires
independently ensuring the
free-movements so as to gain a
compensating bending
These are used without any mechanical
stress, pull, pressure, abrasion and notch
Several equipment wires are used together
in form of a bunch.
The insulating coverings are not be cut
through the binding materials.
The binding materials must be
nonconductive and not allowed to swell or
shrink in humidity.
During the soldering process without
jointing clamp, the soldering period is to
be shortened so that the insulating
covering should not be shrinked or injured.

ApplicationYV-Equipment Wires Single core cables for use in small apparatus, switching and intercom system and for data transmission. These cables are not allowed for the installation of heavy current operation. Equipment wire are used for wiring to the switchbords, amplifiers and dial intercommunicating systems, measuring instruments, telephone exchange, clock centrals and data processing apparatus etc. These wires are not permitted to apply outside of equipment for high power ratings.
YR-Bell Sheathed Cables For different applications up to max. 100 V operating voltage, for fixed installation above and beneath plaster.
CE = Product conforms with Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

Technical Data

Technical dataYV-Equipment Wires

Equipment wires with PVC core
insulation to DIN VDE 0812

Temperature range 
flexing -5°C to +70°C
fixed installation -30°C to +70°C

Electrical characteristics 
Operating voltage (peak voltage)
to DIN VDE 0812

YR-Bell Sheathed Cables

adapted to DIN VDE 0812

Minimum bending radius 
15x cable Ø